Chad was a part of the french colonial empire from 1900 to 1960. It was first formed by the federation of 3 French imperial colonies: Gabon, Middle Congo, and Ubangi-Shari-Chad. In May, 2004, Chad's national assembly approved a constitutional amendment that ended the two-term limit on the presidency, allowing Déby to run for a third term in 2006. aside BBC’s Timeline For Chad, Africa From 1946-2017 Around 2001, oil, black gold was discovered in the poverty stricken country of Chad in Africa. Colonial period: 1900-1958: The extensive area of central Africa from the Ubangi river to the Sahara has been a heartland of the slave trade during the 17th to 19th centuries. The decision resulted in one of the most controversial Supreme Court decisions in American history. Chad is a country in Africa situated in the central northern region and located in the Sahara zone, which means the climate is humid and hot. Chad (arabic; French tchad), officially the republic of chad, is a landlocked country in central africa. Chad is estimated to be one of the areas for where the human species originated. The area which is now known as Chad has a long and complicated history. Chad is the fifth largest country in Africa. Historical Events. History and Ethnic Relations Emergence of the Nation. Some key dates in Chad's history: 1883-93 - Sudanese adventurer Rabih al-Zubayr conquers the kingdoms of Ouadai, Baguirmi and Kanem-Bornu, situated in what is now Chad. TIMELINE. Then came the oil companies which greedily took advantage by promising to help the country of Chad in … A brief overview. 1913—French conquest of Chad completed; Chad becomes a colony within French Equatorial Africa. Chad was separated from Ubangi-Shari in 1920 to form a fourth colony. Chad has a long and colorful history dating all the way back to the 7th millennium BC, when human populations began migrating to the area. The history of Chad. 1903-12-29 French Equatorial Africa separates into Gabon, Chad and Ubangi-Shari; 1940-08-26 Chad is the first French colony to join the Allies under the administration of Félix Éboué, France's first black colonial governor. 1900—France defeats al-Zubayr's army. By the last years of the 1st millennium BC, a range of empires and states had been established in the Sahelian sectors of the country which were actively involved in trans-Saharan trade. It comprised a total area of 969,112 square miles (2,500,000 sq km). The history of Chad is one of the longest recorded histories on earth. Chad did not exist as a political unit before the French conquest of 1900, but was an area of important indigenous state formation and had seen Arab immigration (of groups collectively called Djoheina and Hassaouna) and … Two important rivers, the Chari and the Logone run into freshwater Lake Chad. Chad is one of several potential sites for the cradle humankind in africa following discovery seven million … It was a central part of some of Africa's greatest Empires such as the Kanem-Borno, which originated in the south western part of Chad. HISTORY OF CHAD including Colonial period, Independence. Chad also has received refugees from the Central African Republic, 30,000 of whom fled a coup there in 2003 and smaller numbers that were displaced by banditry in 2005. Timeline: Chad BBC News Online, Wednesday 9 May 2001, 10:49 GMT A chronology of key events: 1883-93—Sudanese adventurer Rabih al-Zubayr conquers the kingdoms of Ouadai, Baguirmi and Kanem-Bornu, situated in what is now Chad.
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