It is compatible with Sure Cuts A Lot software, which you have to buy seperately. The most common materials are paper, vinyl and fabric, but some die cutters can also cut materials such as rubber, fiber, foil, cloth, fiberboard, paperboard, plastic, foam, leather and even sheet metal. You get a lot with this die cutter for a reasonable price. While only steel-rule dies cut clipboard most of the machines also cut felt, thin fabric, and vinyl. Best Overall: Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine. These machines are often used by scrapbookers, card makers and teachers. Con: It doesn’t run Sure Cuts A Lot software. Die cutters work best for cutting cardstock and paper across the board, but tougher models can cut low-strength materials. A die cutting machine is a useful thing that gives crafters, designers, and artisans an opportunity to create fantastic cutouts, decorations, and other unique products. The model we reviewed has a maximum cutting width of 15 inches but there is a 24-inch model available. PY-950/1100/1200/1300 Roll Die Cutting Machine; HBJ-D800 (single lane) Paper carton erecting machine; ZSZB-D Automatic medium speed paper cup forming machine; CHJ-D60/120 Automatic Paper Lunch Box Forming Machine 3 inch Die Cutting & Embossing Machine Combo, Mini Die Cut Machine, 3 1/8″ Feeding Slot for 3″ Paper and Other Materials Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 49.99 $ 39.99 You select which material you're cutting with a dial and the machine automatically adjusts the settings. Die-Cutting Machines: What Makes the Cut? The included software, eCAL, is a version of Sure Cuts A Lot, so there's essentially no learning curve if you've used a die cutter before. Explore the collection of cricut machines, die-cut machines, die-cut accessories, and more, for all your paper cutting and paper … If you need a die cutting machine for scrapbooking, engraving, papercrafting, lettering, or stenciling, there are many different machines that may suit your needs. It can apply up to 600 grams of force to the cutting blade so it doesn't work with thick material like leather, but it cuts precisely and quietly, making it great for design elements for a scrapbook, as well as cards and other paper goods. It's easy to use if you're new to the hobby, as there aren't any cartridges involved. It also syncs with apps, including with Make The Cut. This affordable die cutter is not only inexpensive, it's easy to use. Owning this type of machine can take your crafting skills and projects to new heights. You can adjust individually, and it comes with a removable flatbed to hold the project you're working on. Every die cut machine on the market has different functions. 300 Strokes per minute 2. That aside, you can cut almost any material with this die cutter. I confirm I am over 13 years of age and I am happy to receive all the latest Sizzix content, including tutorials & inspiration, free downloads and news about competitions, sales, new products and shows & events. Pro: It has a maximum cutting width of 15 inches. Die cutters come at a wide range of prices; they can be simple rolling presses or advanced models that print, scan, cut and more. Cricut has versatile cutting machines that comes with an accessory bundle and easy-to-follow instructions for crafting just about anything you can imagine. If you're the crafty type, check out our reviews on other crafting supplies like sewing machines and scrapbooking software. It … New York, Read the full review here: Pazzles Inspiration Vue. Happy Holidays! It can make thin cuts without ripping the material, and even though it's pretty expensive, it's worth the investment. The best die cutters can create delicate lace patterns that are extremely difficult to cut with a knife or scissors. To evaluate each machine, we tested the die cutters with standard vinyl and medium-weight cardstock, as not every Die Cutting and Embossing Crafters Machine. Why Die Cutting Machines are so versatile. Traditional hand … The Silver Bullet has 1,250 grams of cutting force and can go up to 800 millimeters per second. Automatic vs. Manual Both automatic and manual die cutters work well with a variety of materials, so the type of machine you choose really comes down to convenience and what you plan on using it for the most. The best manufacturers provide easy access to customer reps through telephone, email, FAQs and tutorials. Some are free but some you have to buy. If the material you're using is not quite paper but also not quite fabric, there are half settings to pick from as well. Commercial die-cutting machines can cut metal and other hard objects. This determines how well the machine can cut through a given material, leaving clean lines or only scored edges. Read the full review here: Silver Bullet 13-inch Pro Series. A laser in the machine aligns with the corner of your sheet to make accurate cuts. All but one machine in our review has a cutting width between 12 and 15 inches, which is ideal for scrapbooking pages and wide enough for most other materials. It can also draw out your design first before cutting it out. Die cutting machines are machines that cut shapes out of paper, chipboard (like cardboard but thicker and more dense), fabric and other materials. Automatic models are like printers or scanners. I confirm that I am over 13 years of age and I am happy to receive all the latest Sizzix content, including tutorials & inspiration, free downloads and news about competitions, sales, new products and shows & events. Your materials sit on a sheet of light adhesive paper to keep them stable while the die-cutting blade carves your designs. This is the easiest machine available in the market. Customer support is available online, via email or on the phone. Manual models are composed of a rolling base connected to a side crank. This means you’re no longer held back by a stationary pinch feed assembly. This die cutter is precise and powerful. It can be difficult for quilters, scrapbookers and crafters to make precise cuts on fabric, paper and other materials. Find an extensive selection of paper cutting machines and tools at JOANN's! This die cutter can't engrave or emboss projects but works well if you're simply trying to cut paper, cards or other materials. We've spent over 35 hours testing nine different die cutters to determine which were the easiest to use and created the most intricate and precise cuts. To evaluate each machine, we tested the die cutters with standard vinyl and medium-weight cardstock, as not every die-cutting machine can handle every material. Sign up for our newsletter and receive a 15% off coupon for your entire order*, *Offer valid for first-time registrants only. TOOGOO Diy Dies Cutting Embossing Machine Scrapbooking Dies Cutter Paper Card Die-Cut Machine Home Embossing Dies Tool Craft Scrapbooking Cutter Blue 4.8 out of 5 stars 4 £31.19 £ 31 . Some die cutting machines are ready-to-use out of the box, so you can get right to crafting. Quilters need more advanced die cutters to handle fabrics of different textures and thicknesses, while scrapbookers can get by with most models. 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