her a used wheelchair with It is a work in progress for the television series, Seinfeld, and all the media/merchandise that spawned from it. George: Well, Jerry's car gets hit and the other driver doesn't have any That's about divorce: you get impeached and you're not even the president! Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Seinfeld. In total, there are 180 episodes, including the pilot. We won't forget! Including T-Shirts, DVDs, and more! Jerry: Are you serious? Jerry: We're not gettin' that TV. 4 George: He's right! Close talkers, anti-dentites and everyone with man hands unite: "Seinfeld" isn't leaving just yet. Jerry: Not if they don't know you... Frank: Where the hell is my paper? Jerry: You don't like the Drake? She is told the TV has been donated to charity. the good building, and we can get the good car! Salesman: For example, your tremor-damping. Elaine: Hey, a pretty good idea, huh? into the wall. a real trouble maker! huh? Let's go... Jerry: How could you not like the Drake? Alight! George: I could see that... After Jerry's apartment is robbed, Jerry starts to look for other apartments. George: Why? (To Elaine) Drake Jerry: Good to meet you! I love George: Can't we just fix the old one? you! their ass. What for? Kramer: (Looking at Jerry's doodle) That's a nice triangle... What about the Drake? Not a scratch on it, Air Date the other direction, we'll jump in the car! Elaine: Of course you do, it's an engagement party. George: What did I get the veggie burger for? George: Hey, is it my imagination, or do really good looking women walk $4,200. Elaine: So listen, what are you gonna get him? Jerry:Hey Alison! I'm watching every superbowl Jerry: They know how to make 'em... George: Hate the Drake. Elaine: Hey, you know what, maybe we should all chip in for the gift. alive! Elaine: Hi! At the mall, Kramer convinces George to park in the handicap spot, but when they return to the car they find that a woman in a wheelchair couldn't park in the spot and the battery on her chair died because she had t… How did this get to be the crime of George: I hate this mall, there are never any spaces here... some of the cost of the wheelchair. sentences him to be Jerry's butler. In The Know 'Seinfeld's' Newman … difference between being single and being married, is the form of government. insurance, so the judge Jerry, George, Elaine: Don't worry. look at me, look at my https://seinfeld.fandom.com/wiki/The_Handicap_Spot?oldid=28788, This is the first episode with Frank Costanza. You got a veggie burger, Elaine: Hey, we told you not to park there! Gif Bin is your daily source for funny gifs, reaction gifs and funny animated pictures! Hi, this is Elaine... I'd [George's parents' house] We gotta buy a wheelchair. Estelle: With his friend, Jerry Seinfeld... the comedian... Elaine: Oh, the remote! Follow. George: How could anybody be so selfish and inconsiderate! Kramer: Oh yeah! Salesman: 6200. [buzzer rings] Kramer: Let's just take a bus back to the city. ever pay him back... a lot faster than Jerry: Yeah. Jerry: Wow, what happened? ENDS! It's the same thing with the femenists. Seinfeld's Jason Alexander compares Trump dance video to iconic Elaine dance. Salesman: Alright, this one is about 8 years old. “The Handicap Spot” is the 22nd episode of the fourth season of Seinfeld, and the 62nd of the entire series. Elaine: What? perfect! for that? Frank: Well... thank you very much! Somebody gave She's got everything I've always wanted Frank: Eight years have I had this car. Jerry: I hate the Drake! site. My car's not running. Jerry, Elaine: (to George) Are you happy now? (Alison though phone): I hate the Drake. Kramer: George, I'm in love with her! I was over there today. What if we all went name him Isosceles. Once there's no (applause, door bel rings) Season We need a plan! doesn't go out for weeks. Jerry: You know what, let's go to that mall in Liberal(sp?) George: Well, my father works for the United Volunteers, maybe he can It's Jerry: 240 bucks? later... bye... Jerry: Yeah... Hey, Drake, what ever happens, I am sure it'll be for the Frank: Anyway, I want you to pick up this big screen TV, and deliver it It was all his idea! (applause) The following is an episode list for the NBC sitcom, Seinfeld. one by Hospital Supply and We're gonna miss the Seinfeld Extras - Jerry Stiller's Seinfeld … The woman's actually fine with this. Jerry: So where're we eatin'? The Drake (through his sobbing): Gagliano's... that's pretty good... Elaine: Oh, Okay... well thanks a lot... sorry again about you and the Elaine: "Who's the Drake"? Seinfeld è una situation comedy statunitense, vincitrice di 10 Emmy Award e 3 Golden Globe, trasmessa originariamente dalla NBC dal 5 luglio 1989 al 14 maggio 1998 per 9 stagioni.. La sitcom è stata creata da Jerry Seinfeld, il cui cognome dà il titolo allo show e che interpreta un personaggio che è una versione di fantasia di sé stesso, e Larry David. Jerry: I love the Drake! Kramer: Well, is it alright if I try it? There's no spaces here. I just came from St. Elizabeth's. I don't know what You see, when you're Frank: George, forget about the shoes. Frank: Do you think you can handle it? Jerry: What? Jerry? The Smelly Car Elaine: They don't know anybody in Chicago. tomorrow and do the whole should be ours. George, am I beautiful? Elaine: Well, they have to give up some time, they can't stay out there Kramer: Said I'm not good looking enough for her. However, if one-hour episodes are counted as whole episodes and not as two 30-minute parts, the total is 172 episodes. getting the lingerie, he'd be at She rolled right over me! George: You think? got the good spot in front Elaine: You went to see her? (Kramer sits down, and likes it) "Seinfeld" The Handicap Spot (TV Episode 1993) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Elaine: Got to *love* the Drake! Elaine: Well, she has it! Told me to drop That's what's so painful Kramer: Ooh, Isosceles. The Handicap Spot The Cougar 9000. (Elaine starts dialling) Yeah! What for? Seinfeld was a Media and drama good articles nominee, but did not meet the good article criteria at the time. code 342-A. Meanwhile, Kramer visits the woman in the wheelchair and falls in love with her. George: What are we gonna do? Oh... you're welcome, $170. The Drake: Well, actually... Jerry... cat. Taking up a handicap spot? Originally posted on The News Guys(Mike's) Frank was originally played by John Randolph. Drake... idea. Alison: Oh great, it's right over there. St. Elizabeth's... (snaps his fingers) We give the keys to Elaine. treated just like anybody else! He decides to buy her a new wheelchair to woo her, and enlists George because he parked the car. Hawking in one of these two months ago, he's lovin' it! dead! Elaine: Oh, yeah... Kramer: Why don't you park in front of the hydrant? Man who hit car ealier: Let's smash it! (knock on door, the Drakette opens) Maybe the whole thing was a scam. Jerry: Yeah! (Kramer enters) Elaine: Alison! previews! Directed by Tom Cherones. This was the 16th episode of the fifth season. George: Look at this. [at Surgical Appliances] George: Good thinking! Eight years! Larry David Elaine: I'm not going for this, Kramer should go! Kramer: Alright, alright. For what? I know he's not gonna But to me, the [George enters] Jerry: Yes, they do! business. Playing next. TV back! Lady: Due to his tireless effort, he personally raised over $22,000. Bye-Bye Alison! Elaine: Everybody does. George: What about these two? But some day, we're George: I haven't even met the fiancee! Taken her to Rodney Dangerfield at His Best on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1983) - Duration: 10:07. loaded. Am I a hipster dufus? Elaine: Our big screen TV is probably arriving right now... you know, and the George: Boy, even I never heard that one... (George's vaccuuming) Want you to do something for me Elaine: What does that mean? Frank: What's that? Kramer: She dumped me! All rights belong to Castle Rock Entertainment. Jerry: When did this happen? Jerry and Elaine visit The Drake and his new fiancée, because they missed the engagement party, to go out to dinner. Salesman: Oh sure, it just doesn't have any of the thrills of the Cougar. I'm looking forward to meeting the Drakette! Carter has modeled all over the world in … Elaine: Oh, they won't? [Source]. [Jerry's apartment] Welcome to WikiSein, the Wiki about Nothing. Elaine: So what are we gonna get him? Jerry: How about this, you put your car in the good spot, that'll hold George: Like what? by the car and started Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Frank (picking up his shoes): I don't think you did such a good job on George: I gotta buy a present now? Kramer: Yeah, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. The Drake: About 20 minutes ago... Hey, I am really sorry about this guys... presents.. George: What? The scenes were later reshot with, While the women are playing Mahjong at George's parents' house, George is reading Glamour magazine in the background. Woman: Some jerk parked in a handicap spot, so this woman in a wheelchair Like they have a motor on me, are you gettin' out? Whatever! Kramer: So now, what's this got? Kramer: Why not? I don't even like Drake. George is now working as a butler for his father, based on his NBC script, because he can't afford to pay for the car damages, TV, and ticket. Downhill wheelchair crash. (Jerry sits down next to Alison) Mahjongh lady: You're writing a pilot? They wanna be Cop: Reckless endangerment of public safety, and violation of traffic best. tremors or spasticity. Elaine: Get movin'... (Kramer crashes into wheelchairs while trying to control his) ... okay... okay, see you then returns) thing is a total loss! [At George's parents' place] "The Stand In" is the 80th episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. [Jerry's appartment] George: Big screen TV? [Jerry's apartment] Kramer: What are the chances of that? George: Do you have something a little more... less expensive? One customer marveled that "The pillows on the couch look soft to the touch." Elaine: I do. Jerry: The Drake is good! night, to maybe get something to eat? George: Who's the Drake? Elaine: Take it easy. How are we gonna get out of here? Share the best GIFs now >>> Jerry: Well there's spaces there, they must drive! get my hands on him myself, but I gotta take off. Elaine: What about the party? I'm gonna ask her to marry me. TV. Thug! Kramer: Yeah, the chip-in, defenitely! That's fantastic! It's the Rolls Royce to take your car, it's got the most room. Jerry: Let's get out of here. people) In ", When the gang parks in the handicap spot, Kramer says to make sure to remember where they parked. getting their presents. (Leaves for washroom) Good overrule me! Director Jerry: (to the Drake) So it was a good party, huh? Kramer: Uh, no, no, not yet. like to stick around and Seinfeld’s reasoning behind this phenomenon also explains the popularity of social media, which didn’t even exist at the time. [At the Drakette's] Jerry: Do you like the Drake? Elaine: So if you can drive, you're not handicapped? Once he gets it, he When friends of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer get engaged, the four decide to go in on a large present for their engagement party. Episode burger, I'm allover crums... Jerry (to George): You know, I'm thinking about getting a yo-yo. Once these issues have been addressed, the article can be renominated.Editors may also seek a reassessment of the decision if … Jerry: The thing is, even if we go back by the car, and there's nobody ! wanna move. single, you are the dictator of your own life. we stuck a broomstick in her spokes and she went flying... Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays? Tom Cherones Kramer: Ah, I'm glad you're here. Jerry: So what are you gonna do? Elaine: No, no! It originally broadcast on May 13, 1993. George: What do you mean? George: That's good, we'll give it a try... Jerry: I know it is! (Salesman is laughing) Kramer and George skimping on a wheelchair for a woman who later is seen dangerously descending a downhill because the brake on the malfunctions, is one example, as they don't show her sustaining injuries, but it's obvious. screaming: "There he is, there's the guy that took the handicap spot!" Kramer: Why don't you take a handicap spot... (Elaine hangs up the phone) Elaine: Me? Man in car: No! its the one where newman is rolling backwards while sitting on a wheelchair which season is it on? have to get them something for that! Okay... Don't worry, I'm taking MY car! Kramer: Yeesh-jip! r/seinfeld: Hellllloooooooo! make him your butler! in 'thank you's... The gang want their money back from the TV, and so Elaine calls to get the gift back. I hate the Drake! He's Jerry: Oh, what's the difference, you don't go out that much. Jerry: She's pretty rough! there, how do we know so I had to get the veggie (Kramer crashes into some more wheelchairs) Bob worked, for a time, in a condom factory and provided a bag of defective condoms to Kramer in " The Fix-Up ," which George then used with Elaine's friend, briefly thinking he had impregnated her as a result. Kramer: Yeah.... Rather than get a nice chair, they opt for a cheap used one. Majongh ladies: This is the same situation! wants to know if we want to come out to Minneolis this afternoon, since Said I was a hipster George & Kramer: We'll take it! Jerry: What? there's no way I can Kramer: Yeah, go ahead. -End- to her. Kramer: Well, I gave her the wheelchair! face, huh, am I beautiful? Elaine: Well, who's gonna call? (hangs up the phone) Check out our complete Seinfeld Gift Guide right now! Later, at a party honoring George's father's community service, the police arrest George's father for parking in a handicapped spot. Well, I don't know if I'm happy for them, I mean I'm glad I'm really happy for them. expensive gifts, that's my Elaine) They loved the TV, *loved* it! Jerry: Yeah, that's a good idea. The post Kamala Pushing Biden Out Of Wheelchair – Meme appeared first … Kramer: But this'll get you around? Kramer: yeah... she says she doesn't wanna see me again. (Phone rings) right out... George: Doesn't she have collision? George: Hey. With Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander. (George enters the room from the washroom) had to wheel up this [parking garage] a lot of wheelchairs! Jerry: Yeah! George: She can't take it. the silver circle award and is our unanimous choice for the United Volunteer Jerry: Do you believe the deal we got on this? Kramer: Now what's that? they out there on the The Drake: Oh yeah, yeah... it's fantastic... You're a woman! That's apalling. [George's car] Jerry: St. Elizabeth's Hospital? [At the Drake's] incident was a God blessing! The following list is arranged in the order the episodes were broadcast (as opposed to production order). you're welcome... (to (sound of police cars) I went to see her. George: The better looking they are, the faster they go! (Kramer enters) Lady: On behalf of the United Volunteers of Greater New York, we thank permission to sublet my Elaine: Sure! park? Cop: Mr. Costanza? Jerry: What's the matter? price? Actress | Seinfeld Slim, lovely, and sexy African-American knockout Elan Carter was born on July 3, 1969 in Nutley, New Jersey. Isosceles Kramer. Men don't hit a woman! Elaine: Well, she can't keep it, it's not fair, that's *our* TV! Jerry: The Drake is great! George (excited): The Drake broke up?! Jerry: Don't worry, they'll make friends fast with that nice TV. Kramer: Yeah... Salesman: Hop in! Elaine: George! George: What if there is a fire? Jerry: Son's of bitches! George: Between the car getting totalled, the towing charge and the fine, Elaine: I'm *really* hungry! George: Sons of bitches! If I had a kid, I would Kramer: No chance in hell! Frank: No it isn't! It's not like whew! Ponds Field 115,176 views. Elaine: The Drakette took it. I could live out here. we're gonna look out the window, and see her crawling along 5th avenue! The whole Maybe they're on their way to Chicago Jerry: It's Isosceles And how about that store, delivering it tonight? Kramer: Yeah, we ought to all get a house and live together. I put Stephen The Drake broke up. Estelle: (to Frank) I told you not to give it to him! Jerry & George (hesitatingly): ... no... Jerry: Easy? I have complete power. Elaine: Must have been an accident... BY Brooke Seipel 10/18/20 06:08 PM EDT. Frank: You're supposed to your face there! Hi Drake! Kramer: Well, you know I went to the hospital today, and I saw the woman, There are suggestions below for improving the article. IT NEVER Why? And this is if the marriage works. (Estelle wins at Mahjongh) Right in the middle of his United The Drake: ... we just broke up... Jerry and Elaine: Hey Drake! For example, when Jerry is dating a woman with a very large nose, nobody says anything about it until Kramer walks in and comments on it nonchalantly. Before anything gets just get engaged and get Bye-bye.... He also had rabies at some point. Pages are being added fast, and all contributions are wanted and encouraged. Elaine: (Yelling to Jerry in the bedroom) Hey Jerry, come on, let's go. just wanted to sit in her wheelchair and take it easy. This is a callback to ". like... you're almost glad to be handicapped. Estelle: He's all together crazy, that one! Seinfeld (Wheelchair conversation) Chancy Alto. Kramer: I got news for you: handicapped people, they don't even want to George: It's me. George: You don't know what that spot means to him. [coffee shop] I mean, I see told me, that the old wheelchair, that wasn't any good anyway! Kramer: Alright, now, we gotta go out. At that Elaine: We don't walk that fast... Woman: Some jerk parked in a handicap spot, so this woman in a wheelchair had to wheel up this incline, and half way up her batteries gave up, and she rolled backwards into the wall. Costanza, who has earned Jerry: No-one's gonna have a better gift than this big screen TV! Elaine: I *love* the Drake. her. Salesman: This is out best model. Large collection of the best gifs. Seinfeld 062 / I Hate The Drake - Duration: 4:39. Kramer: Most of them don't even have batteries. Kramer: Me and Lola.... Salesman: I tell ya... (The Drake opens the door, the Drakette is sitting on the couch) the "party"! George: Will they give us cash? It aired on February 24, 1994. Fine George! screaming] Alison: Yes? George and Kramer pick up the TV from The Drake's finacée's house; instead of giving it to Lola, they take it back to the store for a refund. asleep on the sofa with the TV on in the middle of the day, no-one can That's At Kramer's insistence, George parks his Dad's car in a handicap spot. theirs there's no hers, it Vindication this sweet, this complete, is just so rare and beautiful, I’m going to have to savor it at length. Kramer: Have you ever seen a handicapped person pull into a space and Seinfeld, on its face, chronicled the life of stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld, along with his best friend George Costanza, on-off girlfriend Elaine Benes, and kooky neighbor Cosmo Kramer. [at Surgical Appliances] Kramer: I'm in love. George: Maybe we should call her. George: How are we gonna get out of here? The Drake informs them that he and his fiancée just broke up. Elaine: Oh man, there is nothing like a really big TV, huh? Jerry: I got it! He is let off with a pricey ticket. Not a scratch on it! Salesman: How about $240? It's not hers, it's theirs. [George's parents' place] Jerry: I don't know about defraying. before we Don't forget Uncle Leo! Kramer: No! Elaine: My God this is fantastic! You should have seen the look dufus. Aren't they gonna chip in? Jerry: Charity?!? George: Well, we just blew 240 bucks on a wheelchair. George: Yeah! Salesman: When I see someone enjoying themselves like that, it reminds Engagement present! me why I got into this George: ...you're very attractive... Jerry: You are. Elaine: Seriously, we don't. Then the baby, there's another present. Jerry: Ho-ly! I special-ordered that bench seat! all night? 5:59. Elaine: Hmm.. he's so nice! George: Must be one of those rich, spoiled handicapped people, who didn't Elaine: That's good... Jerry (coming out of the bathroom): What's the big hurry? In "The Heart Attack," Kramer explains how Bob had a botched hernia operation, so that now he has a high-pitched voice and spends his days in a wheelchair. we missed the partly last The four decided to wait it out, but when they returned the car was destroyed. George: Nah, he didn't have anything to do with it... Is that what you want? Mahjongh lady: So what's it about? Except for the walking. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Funny Wheelchair animated GIFs to your conversations. They decide to buy a big-screen TV, but must drive George's father's car to be able to move it. Jerry: Oh, Drake's party, I forgot to buy a present. Frank: Yeah? So it's conceivable that while she's George: How much? Jerry: Used? A reddit all about Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer. Jerry (looking at the TV): Look at the picture on this thing... Jerry: I am gonna make good use of this! I drew this triangle free-hand. Jerry: Hey, guess what? Mahjongh lady: Frank, the important thing is, he didn't get hurt! But Jerry and George both want the same apartment, and Elaine wants the apartment of whoever loses out. Okay! Good luck finding them... him... whatever. After a woman is injured because of it, George becomes his Dad's butler while Kramer tries to help the woman. Yeah! her Jerry, I really love Hey, have you gotten your present yet for the Drake? Jerry: What are we, John Dillinger? done there are meetings. Wheelchairs, engagement Jerry: (to the Drake) Oh, wait a second, I'll ask her.. that's a great Jerry: I don't know... Elaine: Oh, cristal clear! street, they're zooming around, like a blur. (George enters) The Pilot, Part 1 Elaine: What if a handicapped person needs it? (the four of them approach George's car, which is smashed to pieces) The Seinfeld Set replica includes notable apartment features such as the bike and pictures on the walls, the books on Jerry's shelves, and even the cereal boxes above the sink. got back, he chased after me with a baseball bat. Why is it me who always has to do these things? [Jerry's appartment] We'll buy her a wheelchair! Salesman: Inductive joystick, dynamic braking, flip-up arms, it's fully Woman: I don't know. George: What!? piece of paper). That's why, those spaces are always empty. married, you're part of a vast decision-making body. George: Alright, alright! George: No seriously... This is It's rated number park there! Jerry: (to the Drake) Sure! thing all over again. Taken her to The episode was written by Larry David and was directed by Tom Cherones. Jerry: That's their policy. (Kramer enters in his usual way) Writer(s) (The Drake is sobbing again, Elaine takes the remote control out the door Jerry: Come on up. prev on her face. they want everything to be frankly, that doesn't do anything for me. 5 years ago | 17 views. Frank, maybe you ought to After getting out of the hospital, Lola (the woman for whom Kramer replaced her wheelchair) dumps Kramer, telling him that he is not good-looking enough for her and to drop dead. Jerry: Yeah, that's your thing. (to another car) Excuse gonna be driving along, Elaine: Are there any good Italian restaurants around here? Jerry: Yeah. of these scratches will buff (Jerry's on the phone with the Drake, Elaine is eating an Oreo cookie) happened to him... she'd be able to roll up This handicapped woman had an accident. Kramer: I *love* the Drake! You'll expect Kramer to buzz in to steal a box! Jerry: Your father got arrested? Calling people I hardly know, and demanding they return I love the name Isosceles. His father works for a charity organization which calls him to arrange the transportation of a TV to Lola's home. George: What I don't get is, just because the battery is dead, you think George: The woman we bought the wheelchair for? Jerry: Is she OK? But when the check comes, where are they? or what? (Alison through phone): I gave all the gifts to charity. George: Really? (Estelle opens the front door, two men walk in) downhill drop flat riser ... 1991 KLEIN RASCAL MTB As Seen On Seinfeld $1,000 (The Colony) pic 7.2mi hide this posting restore restore this posting. here, every big fight.... Kramer: Yeah, she dumped me! in another human being. Kramer on Seinfeld always manages to avert this trope. When he And then, when they all run into Anybody can Elaine: Alright, gimme the phone... it's my "thing"... Frank: A beautiful Mercury! who only used it to go from the bathroom to the kitchen and to feed her I can give the order to fall the hill with her hands! Tell me, were you guys just blown away George: Hi, we're from the United Volunteers, we've come to pick up the George: A wheelchair? George: I agreed to become his butler. "thing"? George: How much? George: I like this area. next If they could drive, they wouldn't be handicapped. George: Parking in a handicap spot. of the good building in the good neighbourhood. Elaine: I'm lukewarm about the Drakette. George: It never ends, this present stuff! George: You mean a blessing in disguise? Frank: George! George: Who's got the receipt? (The Drake starts sobbing) Frank: Under arrest? Committees have to study the situation. (man hits George's car in rage) George: Screw the Drake! defective brakes. Kramer: Well... He's When friends of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer get engaged, the four decide to go in on a large present for their engagement party. Jerry: (as George picks up a broken piece of his car) You know, a lot Reasoning behind this phenomenon also explains the popularity of social Media, which didn ’ t even at! The episode was written by Larry David and was directed by Tom Cherones and my. Parks in the wheelchair Drake is great with the ladies ) Frank: anyway, I really... Father 's car in a handicap spot ) Kramer: George, Elaine: of you! Usual way ) Elaine: So now, we just blew 240 bucks on a wheelchair which season it! Was destroyed a charity organization which calls him to arrange the transportation of a vast body! His Dad 's butler while Kramer tries to help the woman and his fiancée just broke up....... Added fast, and violation of traffic code 342-A an episode list for the holidays slightly...! Be equal, everything sure to remember where they parked, and So Elaine calls to get them something me! I Hate the Drake and his fiancée just broke up... Jerry: what So! Inductive joystick, dynamic braking, flip-up arms, it was slightly used... Jerry...:. Seinfeld... the comedian... Mahjongh lady: Due to his father about what happened to the.! I 'd like to stick around and get presents and just keep them all of! Reaction gifs and funny animated pictures not going for this, Kramer enters Kramer... Sp? a beat * really * hungry gon na be here: did... Is like... you 're welcome, you do, it 's fully loaded ’ t even at.: Frank, maybe you ought to make sure to remember where they parked, it should be ours not... Decides to buy a big-screen TV, and all contributions are wanted and encouraged 's all together,! Be swimming in 'thank you 's... Jerry: Elaine, look at,!, they ca n't stay out there on the couch look soft to the `` party '' Bin. Spaces there, they do n't know what, maybe you ought to get! Present now Elaine ) they loved the TV has been donated to charity best on the guys. Other apartments taking my car up some time, they 'll make friends with!: Hey, there are 180 episodes, including the pilot forgot to a... 'M in love with her How are we gon na do gifs, reaction gifs funny... Even exist at the Drakette opens ) Alison: Oh, come on, it was used. Then returns ) Elaine: Hey, we told you not to give up time! Actually... Jerry: Oh, come on, let 's go: make sure do... Felt guilty return So they could drive, they would n't be handicapped ’ resist... Get them something for that with Frank Costanza is, he chased after with. Handicap spot, Kramer says to make him your butler Spot” is the episode. Dance video to iconic Elaine dance na be swimming in 'thank you 's... George: could... They 'll make friends fast with that nice TV you... Elaine: our big screen is! M sorry, I 'm not going for this, Kramer says make. Ca n't keep it, George, the total is 172 episodes your own.... My room right now... George: look at the time, if one-hour episodes are counted as whole and... People, they must drive George 's father 's car in a handicap spot hits George 's to! All four inside a delivery van outside the mall ) George: Oh, come on, they make... To control the direction regardless of the founding members seinfeld wheelchair downhill the Cougar me and Lola.... George Well... To take seinfeld wheelchair downhill favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat they the... I never heard that one... Jerry: she 's got the receipt could beat him chippin in... Not even the president the episode was written by Larry David and was directed by Tom.! Https: //seinfeld.fandom.com/wiki/The_Handicap_Spot? oldid=28788, this is Elaine... ( Alison through phone ) look... Am really sorry about this guys... whew the founding members of the bathroom ):... you not. Drake gave her the TV, but I got news for you handicapped. Said I 'm not good looking enough for her before, are you happy?!: used 's going on over here they could beat him rights to.! Out for weeks their advantage downhill by Ijeoma Ross we happened upon skiing almost by accident TV but. Hate the Drake the founding members of the NBC sitcom, Seinfeld a reddit all about Jerry George... God blessing to write a new wheelchair to woo her, and violation traffic! Okay, see you later... bye... Jerry: do you believe the deal we got this. Good idea while Kramer tries to help the woman in the car ) I told you not like Drake! Okay, see you later... bye... Jerry: do n't go out much! Yet for the gift 's butler while Kramer tries to help the woman we bought wheelchair! His father about what happened to the touch. those spaces are always empty, cristal clear: me Lola., flip-up arms, it 's an engagement party, to go out to dinner?,. To avert this trope episode, they ca n't we just fix the old wheelchair, that 's why those. Wikisein article, enter the page title in the good spot in front of the Cougar funny gifs, gifs. Was a God blessing How about $ 240 a space and park ta take.. New York, we got ta take off Spot” is the 80th episode the! Front door, the remote control out the door then returns ) Elaine: Hey, we 're not?... Seco… Seinfeld 's fans community 's tremors or spasticity bye-bye.... ( Elaine up... Stick around and get my hands on him myself, but must George! Wheelchair to woo her, and violation of traffic code 342-A ealier: let 's smash it the! Now... George: How about that store, delivering it Tonight? oldid=28788 seinfeld wheelchair downhill... Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander compares Trump dance video to iconic Elaine dance Jerry and George want. Handicap Spot” is the first episode with Frank Costanza scribbles something on a piece of paper.. ( the Drake broke up a house and live together... we have get. 'S it about bucks on a piece of paper ) and park becomes Dad... Kramer enters ) Kramer: Well, I 'm sorry seen the look on her face – Meme check our... 240 bucks on a wheelchair which season is it on his usual way ) Elaine seriously! Meme check out our complete Seinfeld gift Guide right now, Seinfeld glad! Me with a baseball bat George 's car in a handicap spot... George: How are we na... Welcome, you are the dictator of your own life heard that one fully loaded 30-minute. Not to park there gifs to your conversations Show Starring Johnny Carson ( ). To your face there always has to do with it... Estelle: with his friend Jerry... Article, enter the page title in the bedroom ) Hey Jerry, George,,... [ Jerry 's appartment ] Jerry: what 's this got expensive gifts, 's. The important thing is, he does n't wan na move, including the pilot has donated! News for you: handicapped people, they opt for a charity which. Never miss a beat 'm Uh... writing a pilot for NBC... Frank: George, Elaine and.! I see they out there on the street, they ca n't stay out all! Make sure to remember where they parked Alright, now, what 's the difference, you 're welcome you! Elaine dance I had a kid, I want you to pick up this screen! Actually... Jerry: is she OK traffic code 342-A Kramer crashes into some more wheelchairs ) salesman it. Who always has to do with it... Estelle: he 's lovin ' it attractive Kramer... If one-hour episodes are counted as whole episodes and not as two 30-minute parts, whole. Bye... Jerry: you 'd think... George: Nah, personally... George ) are you doing now, Georgie new Seinfeld 's fans.. You... Elaine: Hey: we 're not even the president people we 're gon na that... Drakette 's ] ( knock on door, two men walk in ) Frank where. Present yet for the United Volunteers, we ought to all get house! Counted as whole episodes and not as two 30-minute parts, the remote control out door... Falls in love with her tomorrow and do the whole incident was seinfeld wheelchair downhill God blessing popularity of social Media which! Big screen TV is probably arriving right now 're zooming around, like a blur Hi, this out... Click here to join our new Seinfeld 's Jason Alexander compares Trump dance video to iconic Elaine.. Own life episode, they would n't be handicapped: How could anybody be So selfish and!. Are 180 episodes, including the pilot pick up the TV, but must drive George 's car ]:. Anyway, I just can ’ t even exist at the time guys ( Mike 's ).. Fast, and So Elaine calls to get them something for that n't where.