Afternoon squirrel hunting can work, but they tend to get more secretive towards evening, probably so they aren’t drawing a lot of attention to themselves from predators right before bedtime. The best place to shoot a squirrel is in the head area. Many hunters start out by chasing squirrels, only to be lured away by larger and more glamorous game. At this time of year, a call really works best for the hunter who slips into a likely squirrel forage or nesting area, sets up quietly and then barks or squeals to get nearby squirrels to expose themselves. A .22 caliber rifle produces a longer range than a shotgun. Wait to get a perfect side shot of a squirrel. Be sure to regularly clean the muzzle and barrel to get a more accurate shot. There’s some disagreement among hunters regarding the best time of day to shake and squeak. Look in the Right Places. Thankfully there is an answer to each of these questions. Best Time to Go Squirrel Hunting. The brain is the best spot as it ensures the squirrel will die nearly instantly. By day flying squirrels sleep in tree cavities. This small size makes it all the more important to be precise when shooting at a squirrel. The premise of hunting squirrels with a dog is simple. Squirrels are most active during daylight hours, and both morning and late afternoon can prove very productive times to hunt squirrels. The perfect shot will give you the most out of your hunt. Time of day doesn't really matter but early morning/late evening will be cooler. Also, look for cuttings on the ground. Squirrels are notorious for being able to keep an obstacle between you and them. However, as with most animals, your best chances to hunt are during the hours of dawn and dusk. Why Squirrel Hunting Is Your Best Option. Shannon Talkington always claimed late morning through mid-afternoon was best, and while I hesitate to argue with the guy who popularized this whole thing, I’ve always had more luck in early morning and late afternoon, morning much better than afternoon. You might have to stay in the same spot for 10 to 30 minutes at a time. Air rifles are best suited for small game like fowl, rabbits and squirrels. Also, the squirrel could fall off the tree and hit the ground hard, causing damage to the meat. Listen to squirrels as they move through the leaves. Rainy days can also be good for squirrel hunting, but the stronger the rain and wind, the more likely the squirrels are to seek shelter. In early season squirrel hunting, a good tip is to catch the squirrels off guard. However, being fairly low on the food chain themselves, squirrels must always be vigilant to protect themselves from predators. It sounds similar to raindrops. Barometric Pressure: Squirrels can sense the change in barometric pressure and their activity increases at the sense of an oncoming front. However, as with most animals, your best chances to hunt are during the hours of dawn and dusk. If hunting with dogs, you can likely find rabbits throughout the day. Wait and be careful when you aim at one. You need squirrels to make a squirrel dog. And Other Knife Buying Criteria. Put the bait in a space that encourages the squirrel to stick around for a while. Mornings are usually the best time of day to squirrel hunt, though you can also find some active ones in the afternoon. It is also a outdoor pasttime more people are enjoying nowadays. As soon as the sky begins to brighten, squirrels will slip from cover, the initial telltale sign to the hunter being the sound of scurrying claws on tree bark. 53 mins. It’s a thrill to find and hunt squirrels because you get food and fur to use. Tree squirrels typically live in wooded areas, while ground squirrels live in burrows underground. It is safer to shoot at a squirrel on the ground. Southern flying squirrels inhabit the most deciduous and mixed deciduous/coniferous woods. By T. Edward Nickens. The second option for a weapon to use is a .22 caliber rifle (my favorite). This lessens suffering, and preserves the fur and meat. bottom line though there really is no bad time to go squirrel hunting! You need to be as quiet as possible. Squirrel meat can be delicious when you beer batter and fry it. You may have the opportunity to shoot at a squirrel in a tree, but that could be risky. Solunar Calendar: Unlike larger animals, a full moon minimizes the movement of small animals like squirrels. Where is the best place to hunt squirrels? This is another key issue for … If it is too challenging to aim for the head, aim for the heart. This will cause too much damage overall, so you’ll end up poor quality meat. A scope gives you a clearer view of your target. Aim to be accurate and hold your firearm steady. In addition to hunting based on major and minor feeding times, some of the best hunting times are during the rut. While most squirrels have brownish coats, you may also see some gray, red or white tones. You can get quite a bit of squirrel meat off these small game mammals, too. The only major downside is that it requires a lot of practice for a humane kill, as the area that you must hit is very small for an instant kill. By T. Edward Nickens. This time of year before the acorns, in the mountains, just find some hickories with nuts and you'll have squirrel's way up high cutting. If you happen to shoot a weak branch of a tree, it could come down on you. The most commonly recognized species is likely the tree squirrel, which makes its home in, you guessed it, the trees. the squirrel are ruting right now so it is the best time. While it varies slightly between species, a squirrel's diet typically consists of nuts, leaves, roots, seeds, berries, and other plants. Winter is a great time to hunt squirrels. I hunt the mountains and swamps of champions. Be safe and enjoy the squirrel hunt by preparing and packing the right gear. According to Game Commission data, more than 400,000 Pennsylvania hunters harvested greater than 2 million squirrels annually throughout the 1980s, but fewer than 80,000 squirrel hunters bagged less than 300,000 bushytails during the 2018-19 hunting season. Shop around to get the right squirrel hunting weapon before leaving on a hunting trip. Squirrel hunting helps control overabundant squirrel populations. Hunting. best time of day to squirrel hunt - 72 Matching Articles. Even so, any arrow you aim incorrectly could cut through too much of the squirrel’s body, leaving little meat or fur to use. So, review the regulations for hunting squirrels in your specific area. A lot of … Plus, larger squirrels can absorb multiple hits and evade if you miss the head. Even worse, you could shoot at a squirrel in a tree that may just stay there, especially if the tree branch or ledge is thick or large. Technology is often to blame for keeping people isolated and cooped up indoors. General Weather Conditions: Squirrels, much like us, enjoy bright calm sunny days. They belong to the same family as prairie dogs, chipmunks, and marmots. Time of Year: The best time of year to hunt for squirrels is during the fall months when they are foraging for food. Look for squirrels during the early morning or late afternoon hours because squirrels are most active at these times. Sn . Hunters are allowed to harvest five squirrels daily and may possess up to 10. Look for a six-shot because it is large enough to target a squirrel without ruining the flesh. That includes the fall months when squirrels are foraging for their food. The rifle also lets you go after just one part of the squirrel’s body. Before you go out hunting squirrel, make sure you know the top safety rules for hunters. Mornings are usually the best time of day to squirrel hunt, though you can also find some active ones in the afternoon. Morning is when squirrels go out to look for food. In Ville Platte, Louisiana, squirrels are serious business. Deer Hunting Day Rating Best Time Zone UTC: -8: 12/15/2020 Sun Data Rise: 6:52 AM Set: 4:45 PM Day Length 09 hrs. Squirrels are active throughout the day but especially at dawn and dusk. Lance Sterling offers beginner's tips for hunting squirrels, including signs of squirrel habitats, squirrel feeding grounds, and the best time of day to hunt squirrels. Suits are uncomfortable and shaving sucks. The noise will most likely scare the other squirrels away. The dates vary by each place. Be sure to look or listen carefully, so you know exactly what you are shooting at: Also, remember that squirrels have many colors to their coats. Time of Day: Squirrels are typically active all day, especially during the fall and spring months when they are more actively in search of food. The right kind of bait can attract squirrels effectively. This feature lets you add multiple rounds into the rifle before you start shooting and release one of the rounds every time you fire the trigger. Make sure they are fresh, so the fruit will produce a strong smell and squirrels will spot them easily.