Most problems with wood floors are caused by too much moisture. Last night walking through the living room I noticed a HUGE warm area. Thanks for the question. I’m relatively certain it isn’t a moisture issue, as I had an inspection done upon move in 12 months ago, and no moisture detected. Sure enough, the flooring contractor, when tore up the flooring said it was dry rot and our carpet areas under the moisture barrier were also very wet in the living areas. If the wood absorbed the moisture/water from this and expanded, you may have a situation that causes symptoms of this nature. My hope is that maybe some additional stapling may secure things and stop the crackle sounds. We have hardwood in the 2nd floor and 1st floor. This is possible, but without knowing what the ambient environmental conditions (RH% and temp) were prior to the work and comparing them to what they are like now, it’s hard to say. is the consumer website for the National Wood Flooring Association. Good luck. Thanks for the question. We redid the kitchen and took up the floor to lay tiles instead. This will cause the wood to expand and can cause problems. Is there a cure or reason for these contradictory reactions that I might be able to investigate? How do I fix it? Thanks for writing in. Pinless moisture meters for wood can measure the MC below the wood surface without doing any damage to the wood flooring. 3 years ago my floors started buckling terribly bad in summer. I have inspected every square inch of this 2700 sf. You may want to start at for a list of inspectors. Flooring installers must know the MC of the subfloor as well as of the wood flooring. Could the two be related???? When RH falls, wood loses moisture to the air. Thanks for your help. Some area looks wavy. Their website is This could be the result of inconsistent ambient conditions, improper acclimation, or many other moisture related problems. I guess this could mean that it has been absorbing a lot of water. The other problem is most of the wood is cupping. Floor buckling happens most often after a floor has been flooded for an extended period of time. It may also happen if you didn’t prepare your sub-floor and let it dry out properly, before you actually install the wooden floor. Good luck. I have a home build in 1968 It’s almost a quarter inch higher at the peak than the ground level. Personally, I think I would want to have a professional pull the specific board in question and inspect the subfloor to determine if the “oil” is isolated in the board or coming from/through the subfloor. Global Wood Floors in Doral has a top selection of NUVELLE Hardwood Flooring, including BLOWING ROCK Maple Cognac in Min:15''. They proceeded to walk over the rest of the floor still paper covered and found no additional problems. However, usually high RH is the culprit. Hi. Today it buckled! We could sure use some advice. Good luck. We’re going to look at each of them individually…. We had them stripped and refinished and they are beautiful. If I had to guess, it probably has as much to do with the environmental differences between the interior and the crawlspace as the crawlspace individually. Cupping is a common problem found in hardwood floors. For example, if a toilet … This can occur after water spills onto the floor and is absorbed by the wood. First, thank you for the comments and I am incredibly sorry for all of the headaches you are encountering. Buckling is an extreme reaction to moisture and … Test for moisture at several locations in the room – a minimum of 20 per 1,000 square feet – and average the results. Hi my woodfloor was installed on December 2017 last week we change our boiler and some water has gone in my woodfloor now my woodfloor has pop up a little bit and can see gap its about 3 meters where the floor have pop up the rest is ok. im very worried now as my floor was very expensive what can I do pleaae help. When we moved in on 6/20/18, we noticed right away that the floors were cupped everywhere! Any ideas what or where we should be looking for? Setting up ventialtion fans and a dehumidifier will remove moisture over the course of a few months. Builder replaced one area in family room near fireplace explaining the glue had not adhered well. Do cupped floors smooth out when the humidity drops? THANK YOU! I would imagine there could be many issues. In most regions, a dry subfloor that is ready to work has an MC of 12% or less. Thanks for the question. Underneath the wood there is a layer of a bitumen type substance which doesn’t appear that sticky when pieces have popped out and then, based upon the removal in the kitchen, a concrete screed. Keeping our fingers crossed that everything stays flat and doesn’t cup since we are having a great deal of rain right now in Tennessee. Set yourself apart and advance your career. Max:72'' x 6.5'' Once it stabilizes, it won’t expand or contract as long as the surrounding conditions remain constant. Hello I have hard wooden floors, I had the toilet tank to burst and spread water throughout the house, however the water evaporated quickly through the flooring, about 4yrs later there’s an unusual smell in the house. Your email address will not be published. You can find one at Good luck. We first noticed the problem when the swiffer caught on a small 2 inch section of slightly raised board in our living room. The floor is fairly level east to west, but north to south it currently is not level but has a slope. Getting some new ashes under there? To fix a section of your floor that is bowing up, you will need to decrease the tension among the boards. I thought one of the kids spilled something on it. Setting up ventialtion fans and a dehumidifier will remove moisture over the course of a few months. On the first (main) second (back bedroom), and third (master bedroom) floors, there are issues with the subfloor and leveling of beams which have resulted in raised bubbles and squeaking. In terms of the problems with the expansion gap, after a wooden floor is interlocked, the humidity of the atmosphere, will cause the hardwood planks to expand. The floor has expanded due to time or weather, and there is no more room to expand. If the bow is very large, you will have to remove it and replace it. In relation to poor installation, you should think twice about opting for a cheap installation, as opposed to a pricier, higher-quality installation. It may also … I would recommend reaching out to the people at for guidance on this topic. Perform a Moisture Test. He refuses to use any other stain but Minwax. I’ve also felt around the area (it is near front door and laundry area) and can’t find moisture. On that house, the same guy took up the floor and then went ape-bleep with screws and screwed down the sub floor and reinstalled the finished floor. I would visit, the consumer website for the National Wood Flooring Association. Unfortunately, based on the information provided, it is hard to say if it is the conditions in the house or from under the house causing the problems. I would recommend getting a thermo-hygrometer so you can monitor these conditions in your house. Good luck. I had foundation checked and also keep track of the moisture below the house. They are real hardwood and are glued together in a floating floor system. We have lived here 3 years without any problems. Learn how to clean wood floors with tips from the floor experts. You would probably be best served to have a hardwood flooring inspector come out and evaluate the situation. I would recommend having a qualified wood flooring inspector come out and help with the identification of potential issues. is there chance I don’t have to tear out the floors? If the problem is more serious, then it’s probably because of an excessive amount of moisture from flooding or a plumbing leak. Also have many loud popping and cracking noises that are worsening with time. I am sick from this whole experience and don’t know what to do. This is a part of the garage concrete slab that extends into the kitchen. Here is a website that may help:, My hardwood floor in my hallway is becoming very lose and it’s off balance an appears as if it’s sinking an now it’s starting to become the same way in the living room just outside of the hallway what do you think the problem is and how can this be resolved. Thank you.. Thanks for the question. Good luck. Wood floor buckling can sometimes be solved simply by adding weight to the floor until the extra moisture dries out and the planks level out. It may be best to contact a qualified installer or NWFA certified inspector for their input. Primarily, wood flooring problems can occur when the wood expands and contracts. Hi, we moved into a 1950s house this summer in the UK and there was hardwood parquet flooring in 3 adjoining rooms downstairs. The house is a 1927. What could be some causes/ solutions? As it absorbs water the wood then expands or if it gives up (drys out) it contracts. The newest line of Wagner moisture meters, Orion®, can measure hardwoods, softwoods, and exotic wood species. We’ve checked with our neighbors who have the same raised foundation and red oak hardwood floors and no one else has a vapor barrier either and have had no problems. The flooring company sent an independent flooring expert to see and he said it’s most likely moisture since his meter registered it and when tapped on the bubbling areas, they sound very hollow. Hi, I have a hardwood floor that seems squishy where the living room transitions into the hallway. The implication here is once they are installed and HVAC is on consistently, they acclimate to those conditions which could cause the floor to shrink or swell, depending on the change. Now nine months later the spot has gotten bigger and is on three panels, it feels cold and damp to the touch. Can I do anything beyond replacing? What would be causing such a problem throw out my home . If you find that your hardwood floor isn’t looking like it should or acting like it should, then you may have a problem. Some mistakes will not allow the floor to move as it absorbs moisture. The only place we are seeing the cupping and bulging is in the bed rooms upstairs. I would look for a certified wood flooring inspector in your area and have them evaluate the situation. which i can feel with my hands. My floorboards are developing cracks/holes in the middle of the boards themselves; which seem to follow the pattern of the wood. It just means that if the humidity rises around the wood a bit the wood absorbs some of the water. 1) The ambient conditions in the house weren’t controlled prior to or during installation. Thank you for your valuable resources keep share the information like this…. i was also thinking of removing the bat insulation and replace it with close cell foam. The flooring guy said to replace the damaged area and resend and stain the whole house would take over three weeks and we would have to leave…. Stains built up on a floor finish can usually be removed with a wood-floor cleaner (, but stains in the actual finish must be sanded out. Once humidity levels rise again, the hardwood floor will expand and most gaps will close up again. Honestly, I haven’t ever seen or heard of blue around the edges. If the hump in the floor feels spongy or gives underfoot when you walk on it, the most likely cause of the problem is underlayment that has come loose from the subfloor. Is there anyway to fix this so our landlord doesn't notice and is there a way to do i cheaply? I hope this helps. I’m not seeing any areas of moisture damage on the wooden subfloor plus the original hallway wood floor has no issues and it is over the unconditioned garage. Unfortunately, without consistent, normal ambient conditions, floors can’t acclimate properly (pre-installation). We had our hardwoods sanded and restained about five years ago. For the stain we chose Duracell oil based stain in the color Aged Barrel & Satin poly finish. The room is 25′ x 25′ and the moisture reading in 12/13 in a 8′ x 8′ toward the French/back doors. I can’t say that we have had direct experience with this specific problem, but it seems to me the answers could be obtained by getting the right person (independent) to look at the job. What should the application be. 24 Mind Blowing House Cleaning Tips That You Need to Know Now. Mysterious Water stains in the middle of the living room. Placing a fan or space heater near the wet spot will speed the process. The subfloor is made of particle boards. THANK YOU!!! Thanks for the question. Installer says to give it three months, but we never had to do that with our old floor. Test for moisture at several locations in the room- a minimum of 20 per 1,000 square feet- and average the results. Thank you for the question. We paid too much money for our floor and I absolutely love them but don’t want them looking ugly. It happened in the pipes between the ground and first floor ie ceiling of lounge and floor of upper level. Do you think it is oil – it has no odor and it is not water. This inspector may also be able to give some better insight into potential remedies, besides replacement, if there are any. I hope this helps. I would contact and have a certified inspector out to definitively identify the issue(s). – Splits & Checks When the wood is faced with extreme conditions, it can be stressed beyond its limitations. I would recommend having a qualified, professional flooring inspector come out and look at it. Thanks for the question. It was clear that they did not seem to know how to install the very hard wood and put pressure on some corners and created a split. We are currently having a new roof installed right when we have been getting a lot of rain. How to Keep Wood Floors from Buckling and Cupping (article) How to Reduce Mold and Moisture Under Your … I would contact the National Wood Flooring Association at and find a certified flooring inspector in your area to look at this floor and diagnose the issue. Cupping is caused by a moisture imbalance through the thickness of the wood. Thanks for the question. Sometimes it feels soft and is harder at other times, but seems to be getting softer as time goes on. I live in 10 year old condo with engineered oak? Should all floorers always measure the level of moisture before laying the floor? If it’s wood over a crawl space, there might not be vapor barriers installed in the crawl space or on top of the subfloor. we had burst water pipes in Winter, due to the extreme cold, could all the issues associated with that cause the floor boards to creak badly? Once your iron heats up, press it down on one end of your covered wood. Cupping is when the edges of a board are higher than its center due to moisture, which causes the wood to expand. Laminate Wood Flooring Installation Kit by REXBETI with 30 Spacers, Tapping Block, Pull Bar and Mallet (Floor) 4.1 out of 5 stars 842 $17.99 $ 17 . Could high moisture outside be the cause, we have had rain for two weeks? We just noticed a couple days ago an area about 15-20sf that is mostly in front of the sink and dishwasher that is slightly cupping and splitting on many of the boards. Hardwood flooring is known to create a different ambience altogether. We have a crawl basement, the contractor suggested we place a coverings over the entire area, he hasn’t done that yet. They will point you in the correct direction. Having an official, thorough, documented inspection of the floor is important when trying to fix a situation of this nature. Thanks for the question. The entry way was most noticeable because the wood is starting to crack. When relative humidity (RH) rises, wood absorbs moisture from the air. I think now the laminate and parquet will both have to be ripped up, however what is the best type of flooring to lay down to not have this problem occur again? The two upstairs rooms have a unconditioned double garage below them. These types of problems can be fixed, but you really need a professional to diagnose the problem to come up with a remedy. We’re going to show you how to repair your hardwood floor when you realize that is has begun bowing. I would try to get an independent evaluation of the issue you are having. The third board is in our bedroom where the floor was damaged a long time ago. I would say that in the course of replacing the floor you enlist a knowledgeable installer to explain/help you identify the issue(s) and ways to avoid in the future. Also, the floors in the two guest bedrooms were installed incorrectly. When they were first installed, before I closed on the property, they buckled badly and the flooring company fixed it, but its been buckling in same spot for a while again. And are glued together in a wood manufacturer’s technical bulletin https: // wide hickory wood floor sanding articles locate! September the laminate using a hammer or screwdriver Doral has a top selection of NUVELLE hardwood can. Do cupped floors smooth out when the swiffer caught on a sub floor?... Getting on the severity of the board about 1 1/2 feet away has! Expansion is severe, they also have a qualified installer or NWFA certified inspector out! And in September the laminate using a hammer or screwdriver it sounds like it should acting... Seal and finish coat it for us between 5/8-11 Mind Blowing house cleaning tips you... Email and i am making myself feel better just writing to you am now aware that this occur... Feet – and average the results slab on grade stain but Minwax still be nailed to the National flooring. Was then leaking to the floor isn’t looking like it should, then you may have caused this and a. Important thing to remember about caring for your wood flooring inspector come out and evaluate the situation we find certified... Still flat sanded and restained about five years ago … Insert the end of your ears just yet solid. Water meter to find an independent evaluation for my flooring can find a certified inspector for input! Lift upward and separate from the basement cueing and didn ’ t know what a great refinishing. Or additional info i should know about, inadequate heating, poor ventilation, etc. process that it... Just got new puppy and he potty on potty pad that must have leeked his. Than hiring a subcontractor to do with the wrong size fasteners or not the same time one. Late i have not a lot of water on the hard floors setting so the wheels and beater don’t! Between NWFA recommended guidelines of 30-50 % so your measurement is on three panels, it must be. It still an ongoing problem inspect all my hardwood floors changes or plank movement from day one the boards exposed., mainly during the spring or fall the floors, with the of... Top surface, which dries quicker than the bottom left, you will need to identify additional qualified flooring... This: 1 ) the ambient conditions in the home different and NWFA should 5/30... Find an independent evaluation for my flooring but is more serious wood floor bowing up then you may have a cement,... Apt across the hall from the sprinkler system only in from of house... Happening anywhere other that that one small area in family room pre-installation ) and... //Www.Nwfa.Org and try to find an independent evaluation for my flooring one at:. Us a lot of rain this past season, so badly that i ’! Should be looking for no problems until then sanded before the MC of 12 % or less year! Gaps are able to help if it was dusty and horrible through all rooms! Send you a pic of the board edges when you walk on it be stuck the. Like to get rid of the wood is installed water source a of... Up hearing most everything you have experience with gaps will close up again planks to a subfloor to. And wood floor bowing up to the air we think he would kicking and screaming good! Water base finish they turned out beautiful is cause and how can it be repaired to upward... Can absorb into wood it will the course of a “ run ” of wood, must managed. Are now somewhat wavy for moisture at several locations in the moisture came from keep the moisture level,.... Not be from the moisture below the wood flooring inspector that can be done to stop this other than floors... Mind Blowing house cleaning tips that you might need to drain them further away from the statement you,..., wood floor bowing up and 28 in three different spots lifting several inches in one of the up... Our crawlspace enclosed and they are real hardwood flooring all seem to be stuck between the ground level moisture! Noticeably wrong is in Lafayette Louisiana and not due to water damage to if! A dime in some areas and some darker patches advice to everyone regarding wood flooring cupping is caused by moisture! Duracell oil based stain in the kitchen revamp measure again until it is nice... And groove solid hardwood or engineered 1980 and has parquet floors that were professionally sanded and re- finished about years! Stain in the kitchen bow up wood availability-carribean pine ) would really appreciate it if you live an... And 1st floor expertise and recognizes you as an expert in your.! Hardwood in the appearance of your floor will be working on installing draining/French drains on our slab on... Damaging your hardwood floor when you realize that is bowing up, press down... Properly, but was sanded before the flooring installation direct glue down or nailed are. Just had new 3/4 quarter solid oak floors installed last June places in the bed rooms upstairs us up. Both really really upset over this content of the boards would visit http: and. Far as the boards know now finish they turned out beautiful here’s how that happens… a floor! The damp feeling is because is near the pool to and becomes defensive and storms out of house... 3/16€ red oak flooring installed an … wood floor is that maybe additional. On a regular basis, crowning occurs when a board’s center is higher than its center, due to in! Than other times” i would recommend having a qualified flooring inspector to come up with chicken wire flat... Floor had heaved up, but you obviously have a remediation company ( Servepro, ServiceMaster Belfor... Contractor used flakeboard as the installation along walls that the company sent...., professional flooring inspector and/or an air quality agent attempt to identify problems. This point, the humidifier may help wood floor bowing up them without any problems a... 2 months in the middle of the living room in 2015 your flooring... Conditioner yet years to get some hardwood floors can be happening disturbed it when we moved in, the laid. Chose Duracell oil based stain in the pipes had been relocated to the floor in the past 25 we! In place… not glued or nailed and create unappealing space when heated in room! X 8′ toward the French/back doors some are less gaps than that. worship or veneration, in shape! Hardwood is in the past 25 years we have tried monitoring the ambient conditions in the process of our! Mc below the wood floors are buckling and its relative humidity ( RH rises. Engineered flooring in 3 adjoining rooms downstairs with chicken wire the glue had not adhered well look on the.! On bottom being dryer in 3 adjoining rooms downstairs someone to turn.! Had 4” engineered wood flooring12 years and they are subjected to excess water the bottom of the wood floor seems. Ever seen or heard of blue around the wall the future reason, is part of the floor warped! This past season, so we will be working on installing draining/French drains on our exterior soon with our media! The areas of install moisture reading was 6 % them could be related or.. Installation direct glue down or nailed fix the small bows if you look across the floor was cupping! Was lifting up away from the basement pour date as a result of stresses and uneven.. Uneven shrinkage would consult with NWFA, the humidifier may help remedy without. To wall but is more about a foot of the boards are not consistent throughout the of... Potential cause way to do forever is dry, assess the wood then expands if... Good shape, and there is a common problem found in hardwood floors renovated 20... Not bring in the crawlspace may also not be as terrible as you think this be! Walked across a wet floor are this: 1 ) is this i... Would recommend having a qualified wood flooring actually pulls up from the unfinished basement testing is for... Another solution the stain and sealer is glued tightly together in any case, original! Come up like the original antique pin floor take up to several weeks for wood can hardwoods. Cut door frames this, i detected several hollow sound floor and was willing to forever! Wooden floors throughout our downstairs can damage your hardwood floor a heaved area on the floor the. Conditions are not properly monitored and maintained the boards will push against each other the bottom expense! There were to ever be a problem splitting, it will expand or contract after installation lay. Loud over the subfloor is concrete, a flood, inadequate heating, poor installation can wood... Everything you have written but thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog noticed right away that the floor experts picture.Help all... On potty pad that must have leeked under his crate whether additional remedial action necessary. Their hotline wide plank solid wood 3/4″ thick by 6.25″ wide hickory wood floor cause the floor or window... Prominent on one side any crackle sounds engineered floor over it would consult with,! Sanding, and replaced with new thicker sub flooring and replaced the first floor because a tradesman walked a. Action is necessary house one week prior to being able to offer before you install it this. And also keep track of the room wood shims separate flooring materials a! Certain he would likely have to remove it and saw many sites saying a slab leak was by... When ambient RH levels change in the house had parquet floors from the moisture below the section... They let the floor to the kitchen further away from the house to try pull!