PDM-0723 has no picture but has sound and also plays on TV with both sound and picture. I checked the hdmi cable by hooking up another source and it reproduced picture and sound no problem so it is not the cable. DVD player - sound but no picture? Bizarre problem. 100% Safe and Clean! 2 replies 9.7K views Martyn_H Forumite. When I hooked up my VCR using only coax, I screwed up and connected the ins + outs wrong. The DVD part works fine. Here are some steps to ease you through TV picture loss—from prevention to recognition to next steps when your picture finally does go … Also try its DVD to digital MP4 MOV MKV AVI iPhone iPad Android feature and you will love it! NdIndy. Polaroid portable DVD player has no picture but has sound? My TV has picture but no sound. I had the same problem when I moved, although it wasnt portable. 1) Plug the DVD player in to the TV that it does work on. Therefore I cannot access the setup menu to check all the settings. I have a Digilogic DVD recorder and have a problem. Part 1: Why Windows Media Player No Picture Just Sound. Portable dvd player has sound but no picture on screen. Trailers play fine . COmponent cords are going from the TV to the dvd player . I have a Dimention 2400 I added a Memorex DVD burner a month ago with on problems. Answer Save. I decided a CD burner and DVD player would be nice so I could make copies of my DVDs and send them out to friends. 4. silentwinter. Tried another VCR and the same issue occurred. If your TV is playing video normally, but not producing any sound, there are a few simple steps to test. I have connected the DVD player to my TV via the scart lead and I have sound but no picture. However, one frequently occurring problem is that when Windows Media Player plays various multimedia videos, such as AVI and MKV, only the sound is presented, but the picture is missed. Speaker glitch. no picture for dvd player only sound I have uverse, selected tv/video button on the uverse remote. I have a Sanyo , does the same. I have a Toshiba DVD/VCR combo that has worked in the past but now when I try to use it, it will display the 'welcome DVD' screen & the player will say reading but no picture or sound appeArs onscreen … read more The information on my system is as follows: Software: PowerDVD DX (This sofware came with my Dell Studio media PC) version 8.2.5711 Sound Card RealTek HD Audio Audio Driver Version Direct X verions … After reinstalling all the drivers and software including the Toshiba player no sound and picture comes up when we play a DVD. Picture but no sound. Because there are a lot of different models for Blu-ray player, the reason for the Blu-ray player playing no sound could be various. Sony Bravia (2007) model KDL46XBR2, connected to RCN cable box, VCR/DVD combo, DVD burner, all plugged in to a surge supressor. Up to now, I have not seen … If there's absolutely nothing, it's likely a dead player. As a well-known player, WMP can basically meet all the needs of users. My young son has a habit of playing around with the settings on our DVD player… Unfortunately, after some months the vcr had no picture. HDMI through Upconversion DVD player, only sound no picture by tbird_70 Aug 27, 2007 6:23AM PDT. Polaroid portable DVD player Model No. R/B/G. 07/04/2019 by … Anyone have any idea whats wrong, or does it need replacing? Sometimes the only way to fix it seems … Try DVDFab and copy Ultra HD Blu-rays and DVDs! For a CyberHome DVD player that plays no sound when watching DVD's, another option that worked for me without resetting it or shutting it off was to place a music CD in the player. Plays DVD's great , but quit playing the blu-ray movies . Computer specs: Pentium 3 Toshiba 1800 series latop. 07/03/2019 by Eldon Vickerman. Download free trial! Here in this article, we have gathered some of the most likely causes for the Blu-ray player no sound problem. For some reason when we turn on our dvd player we can get sound but no picture on the TV! During install of Windows I paid attention to pertinent drivers for BD playing. On the Blu-ray Player, access Settings > Audio > Digital Output, then test the different options to find the one that works best with your audio equipment. Yes, I would search a newer version of that player first, too. Update: yes it is a scart connector - I've tried fifflding about with it but its still not showing any picture! Not had any issues with either VCR until now. Note this is not uptodate Power DVD, but yes uptodate ATI drivers since I recently downloaded them. My laptop plays DVDs but there's no picture, only sound? Part 1: Why No Sound from Blu-ray Player . No sound or distorted sound-Adjust the volume.-Check that the speakers are connected correctly. I dont know exactly what I did, but when I put it on the other side of the room, it worked fine. No audio at digital output So I can run from HD the repaired version of Powerdvd with no picture or off SSD with no sound. If that does not help, I would install VLC media player. So I purchased a Memorex CD burner / DVD player The new device works playing CDs. We moved the set to get to the back to hook up PC … The menu does come up however when i go to play it there is only sound and no image. i van hear the dvd movie but no picture. Selecting back to "AUTO" gives me sound and no picture. Sound but no picture on DVD player. My TV has sound but no picture. When I was trying to use composite cables to hook this up (the TV doesn't appear to have a composite input), I would get a grainy black & white picture. So I am thinking the sound is coming through the Coax .. As I type this, I am thinking I am answering my own question … Ahh, that's surely no reason to go back to Windows 8. I hear dvd but no picture, the window doesn't even pop up to show the video. Hi, I have a Samsung Blu ray player that stopped playing the picture recently. ANSWER 0 Anonymous ANSWERS: 1. For example, if you are using a DVD player, try using Digital TV. Check the DVD players set up menu. Select the input that gives you RGB1. I have tried to get the picture through the aeriel cable without finding a signal. 361 posts. no picture when playing dvd but hear sound.. Hello Everyone, My computer is brand new tried to play a dvd. If there is any picture whatsoever playing, you likely have a bad backlight. MacX DVD Ripper Pro can copy DVDs to Mac/Windows PC for playback without DVD hard drive or DVD disc. Hi my problem is that when i go to play DVD's i get sound but no picture. Try to hook the Blu-ray Player directly to the TV, or try to hook the audio cable to a different sound device. Standard DVD plays fine with audio and picture as does video from HDD. My Windows Media Player will play DVDs and display chapter titles etc. 4. Make sure there is no disc in the player. I am having some difficulty with my PowerDVD software. 4 January 2008 at 11:32AM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Techie Stuff. Firstly, if your TV is connected to soundbar or sound system, disconnect it and try playing audio through your TVs inbuilt speakers. The world polaroid is faintly burned into the screen. This caused the channel pass through to work correctly from the wall jack with the VCR off but when I projected a picture from the VCR (programming it or video tape or cable channels through the VCR) it gave sound but no picture. When your player shows a picture with no sound, that usually indicates one of three things: ... ads and trailers have great sound and I never have an issue with DVD format. When I play a tape, I hear the sound but no picture (it only shows the player's default screen). Can anyone help me … There was sound but no picture on professional dvds only. My DVD player was playing movies just fine and now the picture sows up on my tv but there is no sound. Or rip iTunes movies and music! but there is no picture, only audio. How do I turn on … no picture, only sound... no picture, only sound... silentwinter. Played another one and there was sound but no picture. Look in the Picture menu and change the output to "RGB" Move the player back to the TV/VHS Combi. If your TV is turning on, and you are able to hear sound but the TV is not displaying any video, please try a different media source. The ones I burned on that player worked o.k. Owner's manual under troubleshooting says To turn on the LCD. All are interlinked but for some reason I can only get sound when playing a VHS tape on the VHS player -but no picture. I can no longer get sound when playing DVD. Completely distorted picture or black/white picture with DVD-Connect DVD player directly to the TV.-Make sure the disc is compatible with the DVD player. 4 January 2008 at 11:32AM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Techie Stuff. ... Every once in a while a tape can cause the video heads to become clogged, which often results in no picture at all, and although this is a temporary condition, it can be a real pain to get rid of. I also selected "HDMI" as a source on the player rather than "AUTO" whilst I was playing a disk in the DVD - no sound and no picture. Try to unplug the Blu-ray Player, then plug it back in. I've tried changing the cords and that's not it and yes there is sound coming from my tv with everything else, … When I tried other commercial VHS tapes, to see if it was just the VHS-C tapes that had the problem, the same issue is occurring. I have a Toshiba Tecra 750DVD and decided to reinstall all the drivers since the notebook would restart everytime we would try to insert and play another DVD. How can I get a picture on my portable DVD player? When I first put a cassette into the player the word 'TRAC' (tracking) comes up as if it's trying to play it but it just then leaves me with a blank screen and the sound. So you are eventually far from the DVD player no sound issue. DVDs in Windows Media Player plays sound but no picture I try to watch movies using the media player but with most movies I can hear, but not see This thread is locked. It isn't the TV - which is also a Samsung LED. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

dvd player no picture no sound

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