In 2016, IITA scientists published 146 publications in peer-reviewed, Thomsonindexed journals. Selected articles from the different hubs are listed here by research theme.

natural resource management

Adamtey, N., Musyoka, M.W., Zundel, C., Cobo, J.G., Karanja, E., Fiaboe, K. K., Muriuki, A., Mucheru-Muna, M., Vanlauwe, B., Berset, E., Messmer, M.M., Gattinger, A., Bhullar, G., Cadisch, G., Fliessbach, A., Mader, P., Niggli, U., and Foster, D. 2016. Productivity, profitability and partial nutrient balance in maize-based conventional and organic farming systems in Kenya. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 235, 61–69. Impact Factor: 3.564

Beuel, S., Alvarez, M., Amler, E., Behn, K., Kotze, D., Kreye, C., Leemhuis, C., Wagner, K., Willy, D. K., Ziegler, S., and Becker, M. 2016. A rapid assessment of anthropogenic disturbances in east African wetlands. Ecological Indicators 67, 684–692. (ISSN: 1470-160X) Impact Factor: 3.190

De Bauw, P., Van Asten, P., Jassogne, L., and Merckx, R. 2016. Soil fertility gradients and production constraints for coffee and banana on volcanic mountain slopes in the East African rift: a case study of Mt. Elgon. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 231, 166–175. Impact Factor: 3.564

Kihara, J., Nziguheba, G., Zingore, S., Coulibaly, A., Esilaba, A.O., Kabambe, V.H., Njoroge, S., Palm, C., and Huising, J. 2016. Understanding variability in crop response to fertilizer and amendments in sub-Saharan Africa. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 229, 1–12. Impact Factor: 3.564

Liebig, T., Jassogne, L., Rahn, E., Laderach, P., Poehling, H., Kucel, P., et al. 2016. Towards a collaborative research: a case study on linking science to farmers’ perceptions and knowledge on arabica coffee pests and diseases and its management. PLoS ONE 11(8[e0159392]), 1–23. Impact Factor: 3.057

Masunga, R.H., Uzokwe, V.N., Mlay, P.D., Odeh, I., Singh, A., Buchan, D., and De Neve, S. 2016. Nitrogen mineralization dynamics of different valuable organic amendments commonly used in agriculture. Applied Soil Ecology 101, 185–193. Impact Factor: 2.670

Momo, M.N., Yemefack, M., Tematio, P., Beauvais, A., and Ambrosi, J. 2016. Distribution of duricrusted bauxites and laterites on the Bamileke plateau (West Cameroon): Constraints from GIS mapping and geochemistry. Catena 140, 15–23. Impact Factor: 2.612

Norgrove, L. and Hauser, S. 2016. Biophysical criteria used by farmers for fallow selection in west and central Africa. Ecological Indicators 61(1), 141–147. (ISSN: 1470-160X). Impact Factor: 3.190

Paul, B.K., Pulleman, M.M., Ayuke, F., Six, J. and Vanlauwe, B. 2016. Response to G.W. Sileshi’s letter to the Editor on AGEE13857 (2015): Exclusion of soil macrofauna did not affect soil quality—statistical artefact or true lack of effect? Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment 221, 282–284. Impact Factor: 3.564

Reis, S., Bekunda, M., Howard, C., Karanja, N., Winiwarter, W., Yan, X., Bleeker, A., and Sutton, M. 2016. Synthesis and review: Tackling the nitrogen management challenge: from global to local scales. Environmental Research Letters 11(12), 1–13. Impact Factor: 4.134

Ronner, E., Franke, A.C., Vanlauwe, B., Dianda, M., Edeh, E., Ukem, B., Bala, A., van Heerwaarden, J., and Giller, K. 2016. Understanding variability in soybean yield and response to P-fertilizer and rhizobium inoculants on farmers’ fields in northern Nigeria. Field Crops Research 186, 133–145. Impact Factor: 2.927

Salack, S., Klein, C., Giannini, A., Sarr, B., Worou, O.N., Belko, N., Bliefernicht, J., and Kunstman, H. 2016. Global warming induced hybrid rainy seasons in the Sahel. Environmental Research Letters 11(10), 1–11. (ISSN: 1748- 9326). Impact Factor: 4.134

Schroth, G., Laderach, P., Martinez-Valle, A.I., Bunn, C., and Jassogne, L. 2016. Vulnerability to climate change of cocoa in West Africa: Patterns, opportunities and limits to adaptation. Science of the Total Environment 556, 231–241. Impact Factor: 3.976

Smith, A., Snapp, S., Chikowo, R., Thorne, P., Bekunda, M., and Glover, J. 2016. Measuring sustainable intensification in smallholder agroecosystems: a review. Global Food Security 1–12. Impact Factor: 3.745

Ulzen, J., Abaidoo, R.C., Mensah, N.E., Masso, C., and Abdelgadir, A.H. 2016. Bradyrhizobium inoculants enhance grain yields of soybean and cowpea in northern Ghana. Frontiers in Plant Science 7, 1–9. Impact Factor: 4.495

Plant production and plant health

Adhikari, B.N., Bandyopadhyay, R.,and Cotty, P. 2016. Degeneration of aflatoxin gene clusters in Aspergillus flavus from Africa and north America. AMB Express 6(62), 1–16. (ISSN: 2191-0855). Impact Factor: 2.167

Bandyopadhyay, R., Ortega-Beltran, A., Akande, A., Mutegi, C., Atehnkeng, J., Kaptoge, L., Senghor, A.L., Adhikari, B.N., and Cotty, P. 2016. Biological control of aflatoxins in Africa: Current status and potential challenges in the face of climate change. World Mycotoxin Journal 9(5), 771–789. Impact Factor: 2.091

Bayissa, W., Ekesi, S., Mohamed, S., Kaaya, G.P., Wagacha, M., Hanna, R., and Maniania, N.K. 2016. Selection of fungal isolates for virulence against three aphid pest species of crucifers and okra. Journal of Pest Science 1– 14. Online first. Impact Factor: 3.103

Bennett, K.L., Shija, F., Linton, Y., Misinzo, G., Kaddumukasa, M., Djouaka, R.F., Anyaele, O., Harris, A., Irish, S., Hlaing, T., Prakash, A., Lutwama, J., and Walton, C. 2016. Historical environmental change in Africa drives divergence and admixture of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes: A precursor to successful worldwide colonization? Molecular Ecology 1–18. Online first (ISSN: 0962-1083). Impact Factor: 5.947

Bomer, M., Turaki, A., Silva, G., Kumar, P.L., and Seal, S. 2016. A sequenceindependent strategy for amplification and characterisation of episomal badnavirus sequences reveals three previously uncharacterised yam badnaviruses. Viruses 8(7), 1–22. (ISSN: 1999- 4915). Impact Factor: 3.042

Chiumenti, M., Morelli, M., De Stradis, A., Elbeaino, T., Stavolone, L., and Minafra, A. 2016. Unusual genomic features of a badnavirus infecting mulberry. Journal of General Virology 97(11), 3073–3087. (ISSN: 0022- 1317). Impact Factor: 3.192

Coyne, D., Kolombia, Y.A., Kariuki, G., Luambano, N., and Bert, W. 2016. First report of dry rot disease of yam caused by scutellonema bradys in East Africa. Plant Disease 100(8), 1– 6. Online first (ISSN: 0191-2917). Impact Factor: 3.192

Djouaka, R.F., Riveron, J., Yessoufou, A., Tchigossou, G., Akoton, R., Irving, H., Djegbe, I., Moutairou, K., Adeoti, R., Tamo, M., Manyong. V., and Wondji, C.S. 2016. Multiple insecticide resistance in an infected population of the malaria vector Anopheles funestus in Benin. Parasites & Vectors 9, 1–12. (ISSN: 1756-3305). Impact Factor: 3.234

Goergen, G., Kumar, P.L., Sankung, S.B., Togola, A., and Tamo, M. 2016. First report of outbreaks of the fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda (JE Smith) (Lepidoptera, noctuidae), a new alien invasive pest in west and central Africa. PLoS ONE 11(10), 1–9. (ISSN: 1932-6203). Impact Factor: 3.057

Janssen, T., Karssen, G., Verhaeven, M., Coyne, D., and Bert, W. 2016. Mitochondrial coding genome analysis of tropical root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne) supports haplotype based diagnostics and reveals evidence of recent reticulate evolution. Scientific Reports 6(22591), 1–13. Impact Factor: 5.228

Jorge Junior, A., Cares, J.E., Mattos, V.S., Coyne, D., Dos Santos, M.F.A., and Carneiro, R. 2016. First report of Meloidogyne izalcoensis (nematoda: meloidogynidae) on coffee, cabbage, and other crops in Africa. Plant Disease 100(10), 2173–2173. Impact Factor: 3.192

Kolombia, Y.A., Kumar, P.L., Claudius-Cole, A.O., Karssen, G., Viaene, N., Coyne, D., and Bert, W. 2016. First report of Meloidogyne enterolobii causing tuber galling damage on white yam (Dioscorea rotundata) in Nigeria. Plant Disease 100(10), 2173–2173. Impact Factor: 3.192

Lamboni, Y., Frisvad, J.C., Hell, K., Linnemann, A., Nout, R. M., Tamo, M., Nielsen, K.F., van Boekel, M.A., and Smid, E.J. 2016. Occurrence of Aspergillus section Flavi and section Nigri and aflatoxins in raw cashew kernels (Anacardium occidentale L.) from Benin. LWT – Food Science and Technology 70, 71–77. (ISSN: 0023-6438). Impact Factor: 2.711

Lamboni, Y., Nielsen, K.F., Linnemann, A., Gezgin, Y., Hell, K., Nout, R.M., Smid, E.J., Tamo, M., van Boekel, M.A., Hoof, J.B., and Frisvad, J.C. 2016. Diversity in secondary metabolites including mycotoxins from strains of Aspergillus section Nigri isolated from raw cashew nuts from Benin, West Africa. PloS ONE 11(10), 1–14. (ISSN: 1932-6203). Impact Factor: 3.057

Leke, W.N. , Khatabi, B., Mignouna, D.B., Brown, J., and Fondong, V.N. 2016. Complete genome sequence of a new bipartite begomovirus infecting cotton in the Republic of Benin in West Africa. Archives of Virology 1–5. Online first (ISSN: 0304-8608). Impact Factor: 2.255 Mulenga, R., Legg, J., Ndunguru, J., Miano, D., Mutitu, E. W., Chikoti, P., and Alabi, O. 2016. Survey, molecular detection and characterization of geminiviruses associated with cassava mosaic disease in Zambia. Plant Disease 100(7), 1379–1387. Impact Factor: 3.192 105

Ndunguru, J., De Leon, L., Doyle, C.D., Sseruwagi, P., Plata, G., Legg, J., Thompson, G., Tohme, J., Aveling, T., Ascencio-Ibanez, J.T., and Hanley-Bowdoin, L. 2016. Two novel DNAs that enhance symptoms and overcome cmd2 resistance to cassava mosaic disease. Journal of Virology 90(8), 4160–4173. Impact Factor: 4.606

Ndyetabula, I., Merumba, S., Jeremiah, S.C., Kasele, S., Mkamilo, G., Kagimbo, F.M., and Legg, J. 2016. Analysis of interactions between cassava brown streak disease symptom types facilitates the determination of varietal responses and yield losses. Plant Disease 100(7), 1388–1396. Impact Factor: 3.192

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Tatineni, S., Wosula, E.N., Bartels, M., Hein, G.L., and Graybosch, R.A. 2016. Temperature-dependent wsm1 and wsm2 gen-specific blockage of viral long-distance transport provides resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus and triticum mosaic virus in wheat. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 29(9), 724–738. Impact Factor: 4.145

Wosula, E.N., Tatineni, S., Wegulo, S N., and Hein, G.L. 2016. Effect of temperature on wheat streak mosaic disease development in winter wheat. Plant Disease 1–35. Impact Factor: 3.192

Yahaya, A., Dangora, D.B., Alegbejo, M., Kumar, P.L., and Alabi, O. 2016. Identification and molecular characterization of a novel sugarcane streak mastrevirus and an isolate of the A-strain of maize streak virus from sugarcane in Nigeria. Archives of Virology 1–6. Online first (ISSN: 0304-8608). Impact Factor: 2.255

Genetic improvement and biotechnology

Amit I., Baker D., Barker R., Berger B., Bertozzi C., Bhatia S., Biffi A., Demichelis F., Doudna J., Dowdy S.F., Endy D., Helmstaedter M., Junca H., June C., Kamb S., Khvorova A., Kim D.H., Kim J.S., Krishnan Y., Lakadamyali M., Lappalainen T., Lewin S., Liao J., Loman N., Lundberg E., Lynd L., Martin C., Mellman I., Miyawaki A., Mummery C., Nelson K., Paz J., PeraltaYahya P., Picotti P., Polyak K., Prather K., Qin J., Quake S., Regev A., Rogers J.A., Shetty R., Sommer M., Stevens M., Stolovitzky G., Takahashi M., Tang F., Teichmann S., Torres-Padilla M.E., Tripathi L., Vemula P., Verdine G., Vollmer F., Wang J., Ying J.Y., Zhang F., and Zhang T. 2016. Voice of biotech: Nature biotechnology asks a selection of researchers about the most exciting frontier in their field and the most needed technologies for advancing knowledge and applications. Nature Biotechnology 34(3), 270–275. Impact Factor: 43.113

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Anjanappa, R.B., Mehta, D., Maruthi, M.N., Kanju, E., Gruissem, W., and Vanderschuren, H. 2016. Characterization of brown streak virusresistant cassava. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 29(7), 527– 537. Impact Factor: 4.145

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Social science and Agribusiness

Awotide, B.A., A.D. Alene, T. Abdoulaye, and V.M. Manyong. 2016. Impact of agricultural technology adoption on asset ownership: the case of improved cassava varieties in Nigeria. Food Security 7, 1239–1258. Impact Factor: 2.271

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Food technology

Maziya-Dixon, B., Alamu, O.E., and Dixon, A. 2016. Variation in the evaluation of cis- and trans--carotene in yellow-fleshed cassava (Manihot esculenta Cranz) varieties as a function of the storage root portion and sampling method. LWT – Food Science and Technology 70C, 296– 301. DOI information: 10.1016/j.lwt.2016.03.002. Impact Factor: 2.711

Oladeji, Dixon, G.A. 2016. Variation in the evaluation of cis- and transcarotene in yellow-fleshed cassava (Manihot esculenta Cranz) varieties as a function of the storage root portion and sampling method. LWT – Food Science and Technology 70C, 296-301. DOI information: 10.1016/j.lwt.2016.03.002. Impact Factor: 2.711

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