Training and Seminars

In 2016, IITA Training focused on providing training for both internal
(staff development) and external participants (partners in the national
programs and projects). Training programs include Professional Capacity
Advancement and Short-Term Courses.

Table 1 shows the breakdown for degree-related training. This includes
postgraduate students recruited during the year (113) and those who
completed the research portion of their degrees at IITA (124). Of the new
students, there were 68 MSc and 45 PhD students, with 69 males and 44
females. Those who completed their research include 70 MSc and 54 PhD
candidates, with 63 males and 61 females.

Table 2 lists the number of training workshops organized and participants
per country, broken down into male and female participants. All in all, IITA
conducted 244 training with more than 17,700 participants—with 64%
male and 36% female participants from 21 different countries.

For staff, professional skills development training courses were initially
offered only in Ibadan with 71 male and 50 female participants. Staff training
covered topics such as effective communication, customer relations,
business development, project management, management and leadership,
financial planning/management/reporting, and monitoring and evaluation.

A total of 18 awards were given to staff under the Talent Grant program in
2016 (Table 4).