Mechanics Choice has a huge range of quality, affordable Toyota Celica replacement parts in stock and ready for delivery to your door! TWIN TIP STAINLESS STEEL SPORTS PERFORMANCE UNIVERSAL EXHAUST BACK BOX MC003+50V (Fits: Corsa) £63.99. Item description says "Aggressive" now it does have a nice low-tone growl when you step on it, but if you're running stock headers & downpipes the car will be very silent. HKS® - Full Dual Series™ 304 SS Cat-Back Exhaust System with Split Rear Exit. Customer Helpline 01604 666711. Larger cars will have a selection of pipes completing the exhaust process. If white smoke is coming from your exhaust, your car could be low on engine coolant from the result of a cracked or warped cylinder head, a cracked engine block or a head gasket failure from overheating. They can track down exactly where the problem—or problems—are located. Hiya, This is for an N Reg Toyota Starlet Sportif 3dr 1.3l. For a full exhaust inspection, repair and replacement, you could expect to pay anything around £300 for smaller, simpler cars such as a Dacia, Daewoo or a Kia. If you’ve got an exhaust failure or leak to repair, the vehicle you drive will, of course, have an impact on the likely costs and quotes you can expect to receive. Basket ( 0 items ) For sales and advice call 01604 666 724 now! Again, it will be best to book your vehicle in for a free check so you can fully understand the problem, time and cost it will be to have you back on the road again. Exhaust Back Box Replacement. Answer Save. It can be incredibly difficult to deliver a perfectly accurate estimate for repair until a mechanic is able to get a close look at your car. Your exhaust is an essential safety system in your car. We'll never do work without asking you first. Original parts will be dearer, but are often quieter when fitted. For a full exhaust inspection, repair and replacement, you could expect to pay anything around, Car security: Best tech & accessories to protect your car, Essential information for drivers replacing their exhaust pipe, Reasons your exhaust system could need replacing. That is why it is critical that you take your car to a mechanic if your car starts to fill with smoke, obviously! Typically, a full exhaust system will consist out of an exhaust manifold, downpipe, exhaust pipes, an exhaust silencer (or back box) and a catalytic converter. Home For sales and advice call 01604 666 724 now! You’ll find plenty of repair putty, paste and tapes to patch up those holes and small cracks from any suitable motoring outlet. Exhaust silencer (this is often called the ‘back box’). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is often caused by a problem with your fuel injectors, air filter or fuel-pressure regulator. Burning excessive fuel will have a noticeable effect on fuel economy meaning that you will be spending much more money getting from A-B. Please see the list of products in the Exhaust Back Box category for your Ford Fiesta above. Black smoke coming from your exhaust means that your engine is burning more fuel than it should. ENGINE - 1.6 8v, 1.6 16v, 1.8 16v. Replacing your tired looking factory tailpipes with shiny stainless steel exhaust from Piper or Remus, or a sleek high-tech looking carbon fibre exhaust is almost as good as getting a whole new car. However, other exhaust components can take a lot longer to replace. Engine oil is only meant for the lubrication of parts which are in constant contact with each other. Free shipping. Please feel free to browse our wide selection of Mini exhausts and accessories. The exhaust is a component made up out of several parts that channels the exhaust gases from the engine's cylinders into the air. That overtly loud blowing noise might be coming from a poor connection or a hole. Book a free exhaust and catalytic converter check online for cars or vans, available at all UK Kwik Fit centres. Our Fixter garages all incorporate expert mechanics with extensive experience. So, it’s imperative to have a fully operational exhaust system at all times. If you do need an exhaust replacement or repair, we'll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote upfront. If for any reason, your catalytic converter fails or malfunctions, you could be in danger of your car being flooded with carbon monoxide. Login For free impartial advice. For smaller holes or wear in otherwise good condition exhaust pipes, an exhaust repair kit could be just the job to take care of those exhaust leak repairs. Exhausts and Catalytic Converter Check & Repair. The pipes and parts are connected to each other using exhaust gaskets. $674.96. If your cars head gasket is in trouble, water may leak from the part onto the exhaust and then to the ground. Bigger family cars from Ford, Hyundai, Peugeot or Vauxhall, are often around the £300–400 mark. We carry a massive range of top brand, full and part system car exhausts and catalytic converters to fit most popular makes and models - all at competitive prices. We’ve got all of the answers right here, so stop worrying about your exhaust blowing, rattling and rusting. Order online or call now! I have spent a long time looking at all the options and have come up with the Ulter Sport Stainless steel back box. $94.95 Save 9%. Diesel cars have a much wider range from between 700°F when idle to 850–900°F under moderate loads. Your exhaust will emit a loud roaring noise if the silencer has been corroded by acidic moisture in the system. There are a number of signs that you can look out for that point to an issue with your exhaust. i have a fiat brava and a back box exhaust i need a garage to fit it and take the old bit off i think of the exhaust on the car how long does it take as well if u have had it done??? The exhaust manifold is the first part of the system that the waste gases meet. Order Online Or Call Us Today 01604 666 711. A back-box also upgrades the looks of your car too. Please see the list of products in the Exhaust Back Box category for your Peugeot 206 above. Or that scraping beneath your car could be where a rubber mount has snapped or perished, dragging your back box behind you. Exhaust repairs can be a tricky subject for drivers to understand as there are so many problems which could arise as well as a variety of symptoms which point to different issues. how much does it cost for a garage to fit a back box exhaust? That overtly loud blowing noise might be coming from a poor connection or a hole. This performance part may need modification to fit. If engine coolant gets anywhere near the combustion chamber, the liquid will be vaporised and converted into a white gas which is then pushed out through the tailpipe. get it welded back on,shouldnt cost much,if you try bodging it with clips etc you may put a strain on the whole system.
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