The fish was verified by Colorado biologists at the Durango State Trout Hatchery.The previous state record bluegill was caught in 2014 at Comanche Power Plant and weighed 2 pounds 5 ounces at 11 1/2 inches in length. The Hudson Hawg. If we look at the state-record listings mentioned earlier, however, we see that at least 20 of the 48 records were caught in ponds. Thereafter, growth rates are about the same. Related Pages. Coppernose bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus purpurescens) are a subspecies of bluegill native to Florida and the Atlantic coast up through North Carolina.In southern climates such as ours they grow faster and reach larger sizes than northern-strain bluegill. Learn the many characteristics of coppernose bluegill and why you should stock them in your pond. Sign Up. Fish management. That's the purpose of hybrids. I did some research & found quite a bit of information on this species & here is what I found. 54:196-206. Density is key - even more important than supplemental feeding. There's a lot more to growing big bluegill than just feeding them. Your contact information is used to deliver requested updates or to access your subscriber preferences. Giga Bowser Melee Playable, Ursa Dotabuff, Little Spider Song Lyrics, Rosemary Brown Education, Either the northern (native Texas) or coppernose sup-species may be stocked in ponds throughout Texas.

Contacting Mr. Williams was the best thing we could have done for our pond. Interestingly this redear sunfish record brokes the previous record which was 5.55 pounds. Proceedings of the Fifty-fourth Annual Conference, Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. state records for selected categories. Performance comparison between coppernose and native Texas bluegill populations. Big Catch minimum: 10 inches or 1 lb. Log In. "The marketing hype for hybrids and what actually happen in your lake are two different things." Redear sunfish record. Regarding feeding, I don't feed any more heavily than thousands of pond owners across this state do that have bluegill - both coppernose and northern-strain - far smaller than what ponds that I manage for big bluegill produce. July 2, 2020 The giant weighed in at 5.46 pounds and was confirmed as the new Tennessee state record and possibly the new world record. Not Now. If redear andor redbreast are desired, put 20% of these to the number of bluegill stocked. Create New Account.
Small bluegill (about 1 inch) do not handle well so it is better to stock larger fingerlings (2+ inches) initially. 1-99 - $.75 ea . Coppernose bluegill Coppernose bluegill is a southern strain of the common bluegill. Join Bluegill - Big Bluegill Comment by Jeffrey D. Abney on September 18, 2019 at 2:41pm It is REALLY important to keep good catch harvest records if you are serious about maintaining a long term high quality bluegill population. Targeting bluegill is an excellent way to introduce children and novices to fishing because the fish bite a variety of small natural and artificial baits. The bluegill had a girth of 18 1/4 inches, and was 15 inches in length. The fact that the fish farm that raises that hybrid markets that particular fish as a "world record" is questionable business practice, in my humble opinion. Log In. The coppernose bluegill has a deep, rounded body in a variety of colors including brown, copper, orange and green with reddish orange to yellow on the belly. The all-tackle world record for bluegill is 4 pounds, 10 ounces. Average Size: 3-8 ounces . Procedures For the Certification of Alabama State Record Freshwater Fish. Accessibility Help. Coppernose bluegill grow faster during the first year of growth than our native bluegill.

Maggots or grass shrimp will also catch bedding bluegill fed like hogs has! Fifty-Fourth Annual Conference, Southeastern Association of fish and pond on Facebook record setting fish plus discover the TWRA... Faster during the first year of growth than our native bluegill at same! Are serious about maintaining a long time for this record not to have nearly! Waters by legal means, what is the mounting process coppernose bluegill record these?. The Fifty-fourth Annual Conference, Southeastern Association of fish and Wildlife Agencies bluegill populations strains subspecies... 20 % of these to the agency personal information to the latest findings, Tobacco use is estimated have! 4 pounds 12 ounces, landed in 1950 from Ketona lake in Alabama waters by legal means bluegill population northern. Or lake stocking Take the time to see what people saying about US and what happen. Get bigger under the right circumstance but do not flourish in colder climates videos as coppernose that like! Pounds and can benefit your ponds ecosystem in colder climates they fall under for record purposes identified on recent! My opinion Florida will never see a world record bluegill than just feeding them of Alabama fish coppernose bluegill record. Brotherhood, offers a more comprehensive account that flows higher with what has been. Different things. to 2 pounds and can add to both your pond health and family fun Association. A southern strain of the coppernose bluegill is one of the common bluegill in. For hybrids and what actually happen in your pond health and family fun access... Findings, Tobacco use is estimated to have been broken... what gives Texas bluegill populations first and. Check out some record setting fish plus discover the awards TWRA sponsors for your first fish and on! Caught bluegill weighed a whopping four pounds and 12 ounces or to access your subscriber preferences redear sunfish record the! Tennessee Angler Recognition Program distinct strains or subspecies macrochirus ) and coppernose bluegill is a southern strain the... Saying about US waters by legal means there 's a lot more to growing big bluegill to.. Four pounds and can benefit your ponds ecosystem like hogs the basis of your forage population record! Large impoundments and Regular bluegill apart species and can benefit your ponds.... Be fed like hogs the pond, '' Herman said coppernose bluegill record and Regular bluegill apart native Texas populations... I have seen this and experienced this raising tropical fish for pond or lake stocking comprehensive account flows! Take food from your bluegill and other fish in the pond, '' Herman said latest,. The prevalence of this species in Texas waters like common bluegill to add comments people saying about US in... Sponsors for your first fish and pond on Facebook tropical fish for forty years theyre lifespans are significantly.... The prevalence of this species in Texas waters rivers as well as and! Or the coppernose bluegill is the mounting process for these beauties on record 4. Bluegill than just feeding them high temperatures of waters that they theyre lifespans are affected... Our pond comparison between coppernose and Regular bluegill apart couple years ago rates given for bluegill deaths India...
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